Aim of the course


To explore the local environment and to begin to understand the values, attitudes and beliefs of people in Sremski Karlovci, as a way of experiencing team work where students explore their own local area to deepen their knowledge and understanding of their own culture and their skills in English.


From a national curriculum document of development objectives in English for students in Grade 10 (age of 16)

‘Pupils should be given a demonstration of the culture, civilization and unique values of the country of the studied language, and comparing these to their own culture. Thereby they should also develop a more complex notion of their own culture.’

‘Pupils should be able to establish new personal relationships through communicating in a foreign language, and appreciate the people and culture of other countries.’


To experiences team work over a week in a new environment and to present the results of the team work at the end of the course.


To reflect on and share our professional lives as teachers in a safe and supportive environment and to identify areas we wish to develop in the future.


Themes: Intercultural Learning, Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), Diversity, Critical media skills, Working on and with the local, Mobile learning, Creating a peaceful world.


Techniques used: Presentations, Group Work, Fieldwork, Interviewing People, Research Skills.


Planned activities: Exploring the Local environment, Structured Discussions, Individual and Group Presentations, Yoga.

Materials used: The Local Environment and its people, Methodology Articles, Digital Technologies, Classroom Realia.


Visits and their integration into the aims of the course: Ethnographic field trips to an island in the Danube, Novi Sad, a mountain hut, Zrenjanin, Belo Blato, to explore the local cultures and to consider ways of integrating such visits in the teachers’ own classrooms.


Dates: July 15th – 22nd 2018  

Venue: Eco-Center “Radulovački”


SO(U)L Camp : Refresh your Mind, Body and your Soul in Serbia. “A summer school with a difference”.


Reflecting on your own biography as a teacher with the sight and sound of the Danube flowing past next to you is a very relaxing way of looking at your professional identity and a lovely setting to make new friends.

In Serbia we make two visits to an island in the middle of the Danube where we explore the nature with a local expert through tasks we can repeat with our students.

In Slovakia we will actually live on a boat on the Danube. We also eat freshly caught fish from the river and make the local a big part of the camp.

Morning yoga is an integral part of each camp. It has a particularly calming effect on all the teachers who take part in it.  And if you’ve never done yoga before then our instructors make sure you all enjoy it.

Both locations benefit from being in multicultural surroundings and we will explore these at both venues including visits to Hungary and Vienna at the Slovak camp.

Both locations, Sremski Karlovci in Serbia, 80kms from the capital Belgrade and Šamorín-Čilistov in Slovakia, 25 kms from the capital Bratislava and 75kms from Vienna International Airport are within easy reach of good air connections and central locations for people coming from Central and Eastern Europe.



July 15th – 22nd 2018. Sremski Karlovci, Serbia. Exploring naturing with local experts   

The price is just €399 inclusive of all tuition, accommodation, food and excursions.

If you are looking for somewhere to recharge your batteries as a teacher in August and to get renewed energy for the new school year, then a week at a SO(U)L camp on the Danube, for both the body and the soul, is as good a place as any for it.

In the words of one teacher from Poland who came to Sremski Karlovci in August 2016:

“Are you dreaming about perfect holidays?  Would you like to meet fantastic people? Do you want to see an amazing place? Are you ready for an adventure? Do you want to become a better teacher? If you answered Yes to my questions, a SO(u)L teacher-training course in Sremski Karlovci is definitely for you.”

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