Eco-Center Radulovački

Eco-Center “Radulovački” is a center for educating citizens of all ages. Its educational programmes cover different areas with emphasis on topic of environmental protection. It consists out of two buildings – the old one, dating back to 18th century, which was reconstructed in 2008. and  the new sustainable building, built in 2012.
Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

Sustainable building of Eco-Center ‘Radulovački’ is energy efficient, its architecture following the principles of sustainable architecture and it uses renewable energy resources:
– Renewable thermal energy generated and stored in the Earth for heating and cooling the building
– Solar energy for heating the tap water

The building contains high quality isolating materials:
– Certified window systems
– Eco-elevator, first of its kind in Serbia


Founder of the Eco-Center is Vojvodina Environmental Movement – an organization highly active and involved in reforestation of Vojvodina, environmental education of citizens of all ages by organizing eco-camps, seminars, forums, eco-manifestations, campaigns to promote environmental protection and volunteerism.
In 2008. Vojvodina Environmental Movement reconstructed an old building in the center of Sremski Karlovci and the Eco-Center was born. Given that there was a need expansion of the capacities, a new wing was built in the back yard of the existing Eco-Center. The new building is energy efficient, following sustainable architecture principles.

Construction of the new wing was financed by a great donor and benefactor dr. Miodrag Radulovački, a professor on Illinois University in Chicago, with his own recourses. The building has been named after him – Eco-Center ‘Radulovački’. Besides professor Radulovački, construction of the building  has been aided by the Environmental protection Fund of the Republic of Serbia, financing installation of the heating and cooling system, which uses renewable thermal energy generated and stored in the Earth.


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